Example Pricing


Finger Tattoos & tiny pieces

For a single one of these fingers, the price would be my $200 minimum. For a selection of minimal designs as above, expect to pay between $250-400. The tattooing itself may not take very long, but the process of applying the stencils and ensuring you're happy will. 


Single stem florals/small intricate designs/small planets

The final price will depend on the location of the tattoo and how many details you'd like to include or if you'd like dotwork/etching. This design would fall at $250


Mid size Florals with geometric shapes

This is a $400 piece. The price may vary based on location - this design is not suitable for ribs. 


Sleeve work

A day sitting is advised for a piece of this size. This half sleeve/collar bone piece was completed within a day sitting. I will accommodate requests for an hourly rate on large scale work if you are unable to schedule a day sitting. Day sessions are prices at $1450 and run for a minimum of 6 hours


Large floral pieces/ Thigh designs

The above piece would be quoted in the region of $800-$1000